Career - Wastewater Department

For over 65 years, the Magnolia family of companies has been serving the residents and businesses of the Washington and Baltimore Metropolitan areas. Started as a small partnership in 1950, the company has grown through an unwavering philosophy that there is nothing more important than providing a quality product and a service resulting in complete customer satisfaction. Today the Magnolia Companies consist of Joseph J. Magnolia, Inc. and Magnolia Plumbing, Inc. and operate out of multiple locations, dispatching approximately 200 service and construction vehicles throughout the Washington and Baltimore Region.

Magnolia Plumbing, Inc. is currently looking for a Drain Cleaner Apprentice in the Laurel, MD Office.  The primary responsibility in this position is to provide assistance to the drain cleaning technician’s in the performance of cleaning sewer lines in varying residential and commercial buildings.  In this role you will learn the operation of storm water management facilities, grease interceptors, storm ejector systems, sewage ejector systems, sediment pits, septic tanks and sewer lines.  This an entry level position with room and opportunity to grow.


Wastewater Careers