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5 Common Sprinkler System Problems and How to Fix Them

A sprinkler is an excellent system for your lawn, especially if you have a lot of real estate to work with. It even works great to impress your friends and neighbors by keeping your lawn green and healthy throughout the year. 

Occasionally, your sprinkler system will have a few nagging issues that rear their ugly heads, and most homeowners agree they tend to pop up at the worst times. Therefore, it’s good to know the most common sprinkler system problems and find the solution to why your sprinkler system is not working.

Sprinkler Head at the Wrong Height

One of the most common sprinkler system problems is when your spray heads aren’t at the correct height to spray water around your lawn. This should be the first thing you check if you’re wondering why your sprinkler system is not working correctly. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix and only requires setting the head in the proper position.

A sprinkler head that is too high will completely miss areas and leave you at risk of extreme lawn damage. A sprinkler head that is too low will pool water in areas around your sprinkler. This can cause irrigation problems and even lead to broken pipes and other hazards, requiring an emergency service plumber to diagnose the problem and offer a suitable repair.

Low Water Pressure

If your lawn sprinkler’s pressure is off, you’re likely experiencing a low stream of water instead of the ordinary shooting spray you’re used to. In this case, it’s likely your system has a hidden leak. Open the valves on your backflow device and check the main sprinkler valve (this provides water to your system) to make sure it’s fully open. Otherwise, call a sprinkler repair company for help!

Sprinkler Uses Too Much Water

Another common sprinkler system problem is unusually high water usage. This can absolutely ruin your lawn and is a sign of problems with your irrigation system. Sprinklers that use a large amount of water are usually older and outdated, so it might be time for a replacement that uses water more efficiently.

Sprinkler Zone Isn’t Working

If you’re wondering why your sprinkler system is not working, it’s likely because you have a few dead spots adjacent to areas with pooling water. This common sprinkler system problem indicates that your system is skipping zones, leading to irregular spray patterns. Usually, this occurs with pump-fed systems. 

You might be dealing with a pump leak, a shorted-out motherboard, or pipes damaged from critters and animals chewing on them.

Sprinkler Is Clogged

Sprinkler clogging is a common problem that results from dirt and debris blocking the sprinkler head. Clogged sprinklers lead to inconsistent spray patterns and sprinkler heads that sometimes don’t even rise. Some homeowners complain that the pooling water around their sprinkler system can lead to a clogged sprinkler head, even after fixing the head height.

To fix a sprinkler system not working due to a clogged head, you should remove it from the ground and wipe off the dirt and debris with a damp cloth. This is usually enough, but if your system still has trouble distributing water, use a small knife or wire to dislodge any debris stuck in the spigot. 

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