The Importance of Routine Sewer Cleanings

Just because your sewage system is meant to dispose of dirty wastewater, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be cleaned once in a while. A professional sewer and drain cleaning won’t seem very beneficial if your sewers are in good condition, but there’s a reason we call this preventative maintenance. Neglecting your sewers time and time again will lead to significant blockages. When that happens, you can kiss the convenience your plumbing system provides you with goodbye.

Reduce Blockage

The most important reason to keep up with your annual sewer cleanings is that you’ll be able to significantly reduce, if not altogether eliminate, severe clogs in your plumbing system. Even if you’re careful never to dump inappropriate waste down your drains, small things like soap scum and other debris can build up inside the pipes, eventually forming a serious blockage. Though you may not mind if your water is draining a little slower in the sink, you’ll be extremely frustrated when this problem multiplies tenfold and you’re experiencing major backups.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Not only are severe blockages annoying to live with, but they can also cost you a pretty penny. Clogs will continue to develop and expand, causing serious damage to your pipes unless a plumber intervenes. You’ll be sorry you didn’t opt for a simple maintenance service when you’re writing a check for an expensive drain repair instead.

Eliminate Foul Odors

When you think of foul odors, do the images of rotten food or wastewater come to mind? That’s exactly what’s sitting in your pipes when your sewer isn’t functioning properly. If the waste in your drains isn’t transported away from your home, the odors will rise back through the system and emanate from your plumbing appliances.

Prevent Plumbing Disasters

We’ve already touched on the fact that letting a clog stew in your pipes will only help it grow and cause even more damage. If a serious blockage is preventing water from flowing freely through the plumbing system, the water will back up and start leaking out of every possible crevice, such as cracks in the caulking, your walls, or even your yard.

Maintain a Safe, Clean Home

A damp, dirty environment is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other bacteria. Not to mention, a sewage leak inside your walls will attract termites and other dangerous insects that can infest your home.   Don’t wait for a sewage backup or clogged sink to signal that you need professional help. Prevent those plumbing disasters from happening in the first place by calling a Magnolia plumber at 888-829-8510 for drain cleaning service!