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Above Ground Stormwater Structure Maintenance in Washington, DC

Above ground structures can be highly effective when it comes to managing stormwater runoff. Most incorporate elements of landscape design, which often makes them aesthetically pleasing as well.

But they’re only as good if they are properly maintained. When vegetation, trash, or vermin overtake a structure, the structure quickly becomes ineffective. Want to make sure that your stormwater structure maintenance is done right?

As a family-owned business now in its 3rd generation, we know what it takes to succeed: rigorous training and execution, diligence, and a dedication to customer satisfaction. We believe that we’re only as good as the last job we did. Call Magnolia Commercial Plumbing Heating Cooling today to schedule an appointment or request an estimate.

Wet and Dry Ponds

Wet ponds maintain a pool of water throughout the year. As water moves from one end to the other, sediment is filtered out of the water, and excess nutrients can be consumed by plant life. Dry ponds are allowed to dry up over the course of the year, and while wet ponds may be more effective in removing a larger number of pollutants, dry ponds are also extremely common and less costly.

Bio–Retention Facilities

These are shallow, landscaped basins that allow stormwater to move through various processes of treatment. Everything from the grass and vegetation, to mulch and engineered soils, to the underdrain system below pea gravel has a function. As with ponds, they must be regularly maintained in order to function properly.

Infiltration Trenches

A ditch containing highly permeable soil, the infiltration trench is often installed beside roads and parking lot perimeters, though they should not be used near industrial areas. Like other stormwater structures, they not only need to be carefully installed, but also maintained.

Types of Maintenance

In general, maintenance tasks for above–ground structures can be divided into two categories:

  1. Trash and debris removal
  2. Grass cutting and mowing
  3. Woody vegetation cutting and removal
  1. Concrete repairs
  2. Riser/control structure repairs
  3. Barrel (pipe) repairs

Let us take care of your above–ground stormwater maintenance requirements.

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