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Elevator Shaft Pit Services in Washington, DC

As the owner of a commercial property with an elevator, you’re probably concerned with its routine inspections and any necessary repairs and maintenance it may need. While that’s important, it’s not the whole picture when it comes to taking care of your elevator.

We offer comprehensive elevator shaft pit services for all commercial and industrial properties throughout the Washington, DC area. That includes pumping water, grease, as well as hydraulic oil out of the pit.

Since 1950, we have been providing exceptional commercial pumping services to our local community. This is something that we take pride in doing because it’s never been only about making money. Call now to schedule a service or request an estimate from Magnolia Commercial Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. 

water pump

Water Pumping

Your elevator shaft can be quite deep, located well below ground level. With that in mind, issues such as water seepage are of serious concern. Just because the floors on your lower levels are kept dry does not mean that the elevator shaft will be.

Hydraulic Oil Removal

We are fully qualified to handle the safe removal of hydraulic oil at the bottom of your elevator shaft pit. This is a special service that many plumbers are not qualified for.

Our Vacuum Trucks

Not only do we have grease pumping trucks at our disposal, but we also have an eductor truck designed to vacuum solids as well as liquids, and which is capable of water–jetting as well. With the type of equipment we use, and the skill of our exceptional technicians, it truly is no wonder that so many commercial property owners entrust their pumping services to us. 

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