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Commercial Plumbing Repair

Need a quality service on your commercial plumbing system in the Washington, DC area? We believe that we’re only as good as the last job that we did. That means completing work on time, within budget, and with expertise. Magnolia Commercial Plumbing Heating Cooling is a 3rd generation family-owned business providing commercial plumbing, heating and air conditioning services.

Since 1950, we have led the greater Washington, DC region with reliable, 24/7 commercial plumbing services, including new building piping, leak detection, backflow testing and prevention, gas lines, main water lines, hot water, and water treatment systems. Whether you need commercial plumbing installation, repair or maintenance services, the team at Magnolia Commercial Plumbing Heating Cooling is the trusted choice. With 200+ vehicles and 24-hour service, if you’ve run into a plumbing emergency we’re there for you. Simply give us a call to schedule commercial plumbing services in Washington, DC and the surrounding area.

Commercial Plumbing Installation

When it comes to commercial plumbing services, if you’ve run into a clog or a leak it can mean huge loss in productivity or profits for the day. For commercial plumbing repairs in Washington, DC and the surrounding area, call the team at Magnolia Commercial Plumbing Heating Cooling for quality workmanship in a timely manner. Our certified plumbers have served the Washington, DC area for 3 generations, offering the highest quality plumbing services in the area. To schedule commercial plumbing repairs in Washington, DC and the surrounding area call us right away.

Successful commercial plumbing installation job

Commercial Plumbing Maintenance

To work with our Washington, DC plumbers, simply give us a call! Our friendly staff is available 24/7, so whether you need a plumbing installation, repair or maintenance, we’re the number to dial. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial plumbing services or to request an estimate.

A backflow prevention assembly is an essential component of a commercial building’s plumbing. It prevents the flow of cross–contaminated water into a building’s plumbing that may draw wastewater, pesticides, and other pollutants into the water supply. To ensure that you’re not responsible for any water contamination, arrange for annual backflow prevention testing. Our plumbers are experienced with inspection requirements and the local building codes, and they’ll use their expertise to answer all your questions.

You may not be able to tell exactly where leaks are occurring on your commercial property, but there are signs that will warn you they exist. You might notice low water pressure (or no water pressure at all), a steep increase in water bills, or water spots forming on the ceilings and walls of your buildings. Even a small leak will eventually start to create water spots. Our plumbers have both the expertise and the advanced detection equipment to locate any leaks in your building. They will then provide the repairs necessary to fix the problem—and keep it fixed.

Many commercial buildings depend on natural gas and/or propane to run vital appliances: furnaces, boilers, ovens, stoves, etc. If your company relies on gas natural gas or propane, you must only allow experienced professionals to work on the gas lines. Magnolia Commercial Plumbing Heating Cooling provides comprehensive commercial gas line services. Our plumbers are experts in this field and have the proper certifications. They follow all regulations to the letter, keeping your building safe and up to code. Contact us for gas line installation in new buildings and replacements for renovation and remodeling projects. Whenever you need gas line repairs, you can reach us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Without a steady supply of fresh water, most commercial buildings would need to shut down. The water line that branches off the city main and feeds your building with fresh water is critical to the success of your business. You only want experienced commercial plumbers to handle something as important as service for the main water line. Our licensed and certified plumbers can handle main water line repairs, as well as full line replacement. When you trust our expert plumbers with your commercial water line services, you can count on the job getting done right and done on time—each time!

There are few businesses that can operate without access to hot water. Our extensive plumbing services include working with commercial water heaters of all types and sizes. If you’re looking to have a new water heater installed for a building, or a replacement for an older water heater that is past its prime, we’ll locate the best new unit and have it in place. Whenever you think you need repairs for your commercial water heater, you can reach us 24/7 to have it fixed fast. Never hesitate to call us: commercial water heater repairs must never be ignored!

You want to ensure that the water that enters your commercial property is as free from contamination as possible. Protect your employees, customers, and tenants with the water treatment systems and services that we provide. These include water filtration systems, and water softening. Our accurate information will guide you toward the best solution to eliminate pollutants from the water supply.