Septic Tanks in Washington

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Septic Tanks in Washington, DC

The fundamental function of the septic tank is to remove solids from raw wastewater. This process is known as primary treatment.

At this stage 60%–80% of total suspended solids (TSS) are removed from the wastewater and almost 80% of the FOG is removed. Of the solids removed from the wastewater, some are digested and others are stored in the tank. Up to 50% of the solids retained in the tank decompose; the rest accumulate as sludge and scum and must be removed periodically.

We can take care of your septic tank from day one with installation, and keep it (and your commercial property) in great shape with routine septic tank pumping. We began in 1950, and we’re now in our 3rd generation as a family-owned business. We stake our business on our reputation. Call Magnolia Commercial Plumbing Heating Cooling today to request an estimate or schedule an appointment.

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