How to Properly Maintain Your Water Line

clock-radioYou rely on your plumbing system quite a bit on a day to day basis, for all sorts of tasks. While there are a lot of different plumbing appliances that you would miss terribly if they malfunctioned, the one part of your plumbing system that you absolutely cannot afford to lose is your water line. All water that flows into the home’s plumbing system flows through the water line first, which means that a water line issue can disable the entire thing. Have a look at that various ways that you can keep your water line in good condition for as long as possible.


Schedule Regular Preventive Maintenance

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you schedule annual maintenance for your plumbing system. This improves the efficiency of the system, and lowers the chances of problems developing in the future. It’s just as important for your water line to receive maintenance as it is for the rest of your plumbing system. All kinds of issues can afflict the water line, some of which are unique. For example, tree roots can actually be a big threat to the health of your water line, if you have trees within line of sight of your home. Tree root structures actually extend far beyond the visible portion of the tree, and are always searching for new sources of water. If a root makes it into the water line, it will rapidly expand and grow until an entire tangle of roots blocks a section of the pipe. These roots can be cut out, but it’s far better to discover them early than to allow them to develop far enough to impact the system’s operation. Preventive maintenance involves close examination of the water line, usually using camera inspection equipment. Any areas of the pipe that look like they’re developing problems can be treated quickly, before those problems get any worse. This will dramatically lower the chances of a serious issue affecting your water line in the future, and can extend its effective lifespan. Water lines do not have significant fluctuations in usage from season to season. Everyone uses a lot of water pretty much year-round. So, when you schedule maintenance during the year is not as important as how often you schedule it. You should have your water line professionally checked at least once every 2-3 years.

Call for Repairs

Though preventive maintenance can certainly reduce the chances of a problem developing by quite a bit, it is not 100% effective. You may still have a problem crop up with your water line at some point. When and if it happens, make sure that you call for repairs as soon as possible. Leaks and ruptures can also afflict the water line, just like any other part of the plumbing system. If a large enough leak forms, the water can bubble up through the ground and form pools in the yard. Dropping water pressure throughout the house can also indicate an issue with the water line, possibly due to tree root growth or lime scale buildup.

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