Indications That You May Need a Water Treatment System

Water quality varies from city to city, though for the most part the stuff that comes out of your tap tends to be safe. Most cities put their water supplies through a fairly extensive treatment process before piping it into homes. The problem is that these treatment process is never 100% effective. There will always be some level of contamination in the water that makes it into your home. The best way to deal with the remaining contamination is to install a water treatment system in your home. Have a look at a couple of the signs that you should consider installing a water treatment system.


Weird Colors/Tastes

The best way to tell if your water is contaminated, aside from testing it professionally, is to monitor it for any weird tastes or colors. A strongly metallic taste could indicate contamination from copper or lead. Discoloration could indicate bacterial or algae content, depending on the color. Either way, it’s something that you’re going to want to have checked out as soon as possible.

Calcium Deposits

Have you noticed a white, chalky substance building up on your faucets, or in your shower? Those are calcium deposits, and they’re a sign that you have a hard water problem. Hard water is water with high calcium and magnesium concentrations in it. Prolonged hard water exposure will lead to lime scale buildup, which can restrict the flow of water through your plumbing system. If you notice these deposits, you should have a water softener installed to protect the system.

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