Water Leak Detection in Washington, DC

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Water Leak Detection in Washington, DC

Do you suspect that you might have a leak in your home, but aren’t quite sure where it could be? Do you want to find a solution so that you can stop paying so much money for lost water? You’re in luck! We utilize specialized equipment to pinpoint leaks precisely so that we can then eliminate them. Our technicians are available day and night, so don’t hesitate to reach out to our staff today with any questions that you might have.

Plumbing Professionals You Can Rely On

Our experts understand the importance of addressing leaks within your plumbing, which is why we offer the following along with water leak detection services:

  • On-time, courteous service
  • Specialized tools for leak diagnosis
  • Pipe repair when necessary
  • Smart water shut-off valve installation

For exceptional water leak detection services throughout the Washington, DC area, call on Magnolia to get the job done right the first time!

Automatic Water Shutoff Valve

You can save you and your home a “flood” of issues by having one of our professionals install an automatic water shut-off valve and leak detection system. With a smart water shut-off valve, you can switch off your main water supply remotely with your smartphone! This kind of system can also automatically turn off the water source when paired with sensors that can detect leaks. These measures protect your home from catastrophic water damage and surprisingly high water usage bills.

Signs That You Might Have a Water Leak

If you notice anything out of the ordinary when it comes to your plumbing, then it may be time to have it looked at by a plumber. Only someone with professional water leak detection equipment and skills can adequately pinpoint the leak and its cause. With that said, here are some signs to look out for:

  • Decreased water pressure: One of the most common signs that you have a severe water leak in the home is a lack of water pressure. Whether you get your water from a well or municipal supply line, it must be kept at a certain pressure to prevent backflow and to ensure functionality. 
  • Stains: Water often stains surfaces that are not resistant, such as painted walls and unsealed wood. If you notice discolored spots on the walls, ceilings, or floors, then it may be time to consider having your plumbing system evaluated. This is often the sign of a slow leak. Don’t assume that the problem will fix itself!
  • Higher than usual water bill: While your water bill may not be as high as the other utilities, you should keep an eye on it to make sure it stays proportional to your usage. If you suddenly realize that it has spiked, then it may be time to have your plumbing system checked out for a hidden leak. This can lead to significant financial loss in the long-term.

Water Leak Detection Service in Washington, DC

We use only the latest techniques and tools when it comes to detecting water leaks in your home. While sometimes it is possible to deduce the location, mainly when it’s rather apparent, detecting water leaks that are behind walls and floors requires sophisticated equipment. We will find the source of the leak and then recommend a solution that will button up the issue in no time at all! 

Since we care about the health and longevity of your plumbing, we also service sump pumps, sewer backflow preventer systems, and offer 24-hour emergency plumbing. For more information about all of our services, contact Magnolia today!