Should I Have a Sump Pump Installed?

Anyone who’s had to deal with water damage knows how much of a nightmare it can be to deal with. Even a small amount of water damage, if located in the right place, can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to repair. Now, if your whole house floods it’s probably due to circumstances beyond your control. If you have certain parts of your home that are prone to flooding, though, you might be able to prevent it from happening with a sump pump. Read on to find out more about the benefits of sump pumps.


Sump Pump Construction

A sump pump is a fairly small pump designed to prevent an area from flooding by removing water at periodic intervals. A pit is excavated at the lowest point of the area, so that all water that enters the area will flow into it. This pit is called the sump. The sump pump is then installed in the sump, or right above it, with a pipe running from it out of the house. As water flows into the sump, the water level will rise until it activates the sump pump. The sump pump will then pump all the water in the sump through the pipe and out of the house. This is how a sump pump protects an area from flooding.

Which Areas Need Sump Pumps?

Obviously, you’re probably not going to install a sump pump in your kitchen or living room. Most people choose to install sump pumps in either their basements or any crawlspaces they have. These areas tend to be below ground level, which makes them more prone to flooding. Sump pumps are ideal for protecting these areas from water damage, as long as there isn’t a major flood occurring.

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