Signs You Need a Water Softener

There are a lot of common problems that afflict plumbing systems across the country, some of which are more of an issue than others. Lime scale is one of the most difficult issues to deal with, especially after it’s had time to become entrenched in the plumbing system. The best way to deal with lime scale is to prevent it entirely with a water softening system. The following are some of the signs that you need to have a water softener installed before it’s too late.


Calcium Deposits

Lime scale is a type of mineral deposit, mostly made of calcium and magnesium particles. These are deposited by hard water over time as it flows over a surface. Those surfaces include plumbing pipes, sinks, bathtubs, and anywhere else that sees a lot of water flow. Look for white, chalky substances appearing in those areas. Those are calcium deposits, and they’re a pretty good sign that you have a hard water problem.

Dropping Water Pressure

The main issue with lime scale is that as it builds up, it will restrict the flow of water through the pipes. Eventually, the lime scale will restrict the water flow down to a trickle, crippling the plumbing system. If you start to notice a steady decline in water pressure over a number of months, don’t ignore it. This is often a sign of advanced lime scale in your pipes. A water softener installed in your water line will remove the particles that cause lime scale in your plumbing system, preventing this issue from occurring. Do note, though, that the lime scale already in your plumbing system will need to be cleaned out.

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