Why Zone Control Might be a Good Idea This Fall

Summer is officially over, even if the temperature hasn’t quite dropped yet. Soon enough it will, though, and you’re going to start using your heating system to stay comfortable during the coming months. Hopefully, you’ve already scheduled heating maintenance and made other arrangements to make sure that your heating system is in order. That’s not the only thing you can do, though. Read on to find out about zone control, and how it can improve your heating situation this fall.


Zone Control

Zone control is a system that involves installing large dampers in the ducts of your home. These dampers can open or close to direct the flow of air through the home. The dampers split the home’s ducts into zones, each of which has its own corresponding thermostat. When one of those thermostats detects a need for heat, it will open the dampers and activate the system. This allows you to direct output from your heating system to different parts of the home, instead of heating either all or none of it.

Advantages of Zone Control

One of the biggest disadvantages of normal centralized heating is that it offers an all-or-nothing method of heating. This creates hot and cold spots throughout the home, due to differences in insulation. It also wastes a lot of energy in areas like empty rooms, which don’t need to receive heating at all. With zone control, you can dictate how much output each part of your home gets. Different zones can each have their ideal temperature, without affecting the rest of the house. This makes your home much more energy efficient, and much more comfortable, to boot.

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