Beat Allergy Season with These Indoor Air Quality Tips

When allergy season comes around, relief is hard to find. It doesn’t matter whether you’re outdoors or indoors, allergens are all around you, from the air you breathe to the bed you sleep in. We don’t have a magic cure for your allergies (although we wish we did), but we do have some tips on how to improve your indoor air quality to keep outdoor allergens, bacteria, and viruses from being unwelcome guests in your home.  

Start with a Duct Cleaning

If you were to open your ducts right now, you would probably find a nice blanket of dust coating the surface. That’s because any debris that’s not filtered by your HVAC system tends to find shelter in your ducts. What happens to all that grime when the cooling or heating system is turned on? It gets swept out right into your home and pollutes your indoor air. Suddenly your home won’t be a sanctuary from outdoor allergens, but it will be housing them instead. You can eliminate this problem by scheduling duct cleaning services. Our air quality solutions and duct testing services are available throughout Alexandria, VA, and the surrounding areas.

Purchase a Dehumidifier

Do you know what kind of environment bacteria thrives in? Any area with high humidity! Those of you who are allergic to mold or dust mites should consider purchasing a dehumidifier for your home. Dehumidifiers trap any excess moisture found indoors, making your home less hospitable for allergens and bacteria. Plus, crisp air is simply easier to breathe than moist air, which can help relieve some symptoms you might be experiencing.

Update Your Air Conditioner

Your air conditioner can help you breathe a little easier in your home too. In addition to reducing humidity levels, your AC unit can also trap outdoor allergens, bacteria, and viruses from entering your home — but only if you have clean, high-quality filters installed. We recommend looking into certified asthma and allergy filters to purchase. If you’re not sure what filters work with your unit or how to install them, contact a Magnolia air conditioning expert. We’ll guide you through whatever you need.

Clean and Clear Regularly

Although this is an obvious one, we still feel that it should be included in this list. The only way to avoid dust, mold, dander, or other allergens from taking over your home is by cleaning regularly. Vacuum at least once a week and make sure to get the areas where your pets frequent, if you have any furry friends residing at home, and prevent mold growth by cleaning any areas where there is a lot of water. Looking to learn more about how to improve your indoor air quality? Get in touch with one of our HVAC contractors if you’re a resident of Alexandria, VA, Laurel, MD, or anywhere in between. We’ll help you breathe easily in no time.