Extend the Life of Your Garbage Disposal with These Steps

Many people take their garbage disposals for granted, and it’s easy to see why. Garbage disposals have a reputation for being these paragons of waste chopping, and as a result it’s assumed that they don’t really run into problems very often. If you don’t treat your garbage disposal correctly, though, you could find yourself replacing it sooner than you think. Let’s take a look at some steps that you can take to ensure that your garbage disposal lasts as long as possible.


Avoid Putting Certain Things in the Disposal

Homeowners tend to view garbage disposals as being somehow impervious to damage from food waste. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Ice, bones, fruit pits, and the like will break the impeller, requiring that it be replaced. FOG (fats, oils, and grease) can congeal into a viscous substance that gums up the impeller blades and clogs the drain pipe. You should throw out these materials, rather than put them through the garbage disposal.

Schedule Garbage Disposal Maintenance

Garbage disposals need maintenance just as much as any other system. If you want your disposal to last as long as possible, it’s best to schedule maintenance for it at least once a year. This allows us to find any developing problems and solve them before they have the chance to develop further. Somewhat related to this, you should call for repairs as soon as you notice a problem. The longer you use your garbage disposal when it has an issue, the more likely it is that the issue will get worse. If your garbage disposal seems like it’s having a problem, stop using it and call for repairs.

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