Should You Switch to Ductless Air Conditioning?

Within every home, the air conditioning and heating systems play a significant role in monthly utility costs, seeing as they make up, on average, 46% of energy consumption. However, some units are more energy-efficient than others and can automatically lead to lower bills month over month. 

Besides that, air conditioning and heating are also responsible for keeping the whole family comfortable. Central air systems don’t always make this possible because they offer only one setting, with which not everyone is always pleased. Luckily, ductless HVAC systems — also known as mini-splits — solve these problems and more. 

How Do Ductless Mini-Splits Work? 

Central air systems have one thermostat that controls all rooms, and they require ductwork to function. Meanwhile, mini-split or ductless air conditioning allows homeowners to control the temperature from room to room, and ducts are not necessary. These units have three main components: 

What Are The Benefits? 

Every type of system offers certain features that may be more appealing, depending on your needs. With ductless air conditioning and heating systems, there are several unique benefits to consider. 

Less Space Needed

Unlike other systems, which require bulky and unsightly units, ductless systems take up less space and are more attractive to the eye. For instance, in comparison to central air conditioning and heating systems, these do not require as much space. Furthermore, they can be installed somewhere more convenient and out of the way. On top of that, these units are generally the best option from room to room for those who have limited space. 

Flexible Location

Because these systems do not utilize ductwork, there is more flexibility as to where they can be installed compared to traditional HVAC units. With your typical air conditioning and heating systems, the vents may end up in inconvenient locations, but with a mini-split system, there are endless options. In essence, it all just comes down to your needs and preferences for installation. 

Easy Installation

The installation of a new air conditioning system can be very involved if you don’t have existing ductwork. A ductless AC system, however, requires less work and is much easier to add to your home because these units do not require ductwork, which saves a notable amount of time during installation. On top of that, adding a new unit is much simpler since the connection only needs to reach the outside unit rather than hooking up to the ductwork. 

Zoning Controls

Mini-splits offer more flexibility regarding climate control from room to room. No longer will you have to worry about fighting over the thermostat with others in the home — as long as you’re in different rooms, the temperatures can be set to each occupant’s liking. Basically, the most valuable part of this system is the unobstructed comfort that it offers to everyone in your Washington, DC home. 

Reduced Bills

Finally, being able to control the temperature in each area of your home can decrease your utility bills greatly. As long as you are adamant about adjusting the thermostat when the room is not in use, you will see a notable difference in your bills. Additionally, leaky ductwork decreases the efficiency of your systems, so eliminating the need for them completely will make your units work smarter, not harder. 

Ready To Take The Next Step? 

Based on all of this information, do you think your home would benefit from a ductless AC installation? These systems can be an excellent investment, and they are recommended for smaller homes and any households where disagreements commonly occur over the thermostat. After all, peace of mind is worth any price tag, but this one happens to be more energy-efficient too!

Whether it is a ductless air conditioning installation, a smart thermostat installation, or even a sump pump repair that’s needed, Magnolia is here to help with it all! We’re Washington, DC’s local experienced professionals. Contact us today!