Why Your Heater Output Is Low

Fall is officially here, and that means that the days are going to only get colder for the next few months. If you’re already using your heater and it’s not working as well as it should, now is the time to get it fixed. You don’t want it to break down on you in the middle of the coldest part of winter, do you? If your heating system’s output isn’t what it should be, read on to find out what might be causing it.

Burner Assembly Issues

If you’re using a combustion based heating system, the problem might be with your burner assembly. The burner assembly can accumulate particulate buildup over time, especially that of carbon molecules. If the assembly goes long enough without being cleaned, the buildup could become bad enough that it delays and then completely stops it from igniting properly. This could easily lead to a partial or total loss of heat output.

Air Handler Motor Problems

The air handler is the part of your heating system responsible for circulating warm air throughout the house. Over time, it is possible for the air handler motor to overheat and burn itself out from the strain. If this happens, your heater may actually be producing heat but be unable to distribute it. If you hear a grinding sound coming from your air conditioner, it means that your air handler motor needs to be checked immediately.

The Pilot Light is Out

The pilot light is the ignition device that actually lights the burner assembly to start the system. The specific kind of pilot light differs from system to system, but all of them serve the same purpose. If the pilot light is out, the system won’t be able to light and your heater won’t turn on.

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